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It is one of the modern irrigation systems by

Using the gated pipes and it saves one third of the

Consumed water 



  • Tubes with Couplers easy to be erected and dismantled made of special aluminium alloys with diameters 2- 6 inches and welded longitudinally with lengths up to the 9 meter .

  • the holes are of different diameters diameters distributed at different distances according to the corp .

  •  The gates are made from plastic and rubber slided horizontally 


Used in irrigating all crops specially sugar Cane – Cotton and corn               



  1. Tubes with quick couplers easy to be erected and dismantled made of special aluminums alloys with diameters 2 – 6 inches and longitudinally with length up to 9 m

  2. Attachments to the tubes.

  1. Elbow

  2. T junctions

  3. Valves

  4. Safety valves.

  5. End joints.

  6. Ball valves

  1. Sprinklers

  1. Sprinkler 30 T.N.T.

  2. Sprinkler 70 B.

  3. Sprinkler lancer.

     Sprinkler monitor.



  1. Made from bronze alloy .

  2. Performance – Single and Twin nozze lancer . 




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